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Participation in a worldwide performance
"I survived 2020"

Probably, almost everyone, at least a little, will shudder or sigh at the thought of 2020.
Difficult. Confused. Unpredictable. Yes, a lot. And I want to enter the new year in joy, tranquility, with faith in the best! Is not it?
That is why I, Margo Pugachenko, an artist and performer, do not want to just wait and hope for a miracle.
I invite you to unite and make the beginning of 2021 kinder and more beautiful by taking part in the performance. I am sure that it is unification and kindness that are extremely important now!
How do I get involved?
To do this, we need: a T-shirt with the words "I survived 2020" your photo on a social network in this T-shirt hashtag # isurvived2020 or #япережив2020 send me links to the photo before 11.01.21.
The power of unity, unity, support for each other creates a special New Year's magic!
Yes, and in other periods, in fact, too. May the last day of the outgoing year be filled with this very energy!
And may we continue to remember this day and this performance throughout 2021 and further on with a warm smile and a heart filled with pleasant feelings.
An original gift for the New Year
T-shirt "I survived 2020"
This T-shirt will make you part of an incredible event or will be an original gift for her.
From each T-shirt 50 UAH will be given to charity
Sizes from L to XL
Why do I need the I survived 2020 T-shirt?
Participation in a historical event
Events in 2020 divided our life into "before" and "after" all known events.. Such a performance will allow us to challenge all the troubles.

Part of the universe
One of the conditions of the project is to put on a T-shirt on January 1 and convey your thoughts to the Universe, together with all project participants. Feel the thoughts of other people and become one with them, this is the Universe.
Motivation for the future
This T-shirt will forever be a symbol of joy and a reminder of participating in the worldwide performance "I Lived 2020".
Unique designer item
2020 is an incredible year and this T-shirt will go down in history forever with its exclusive design.
Original gift
2020 has outlined new realities and raised barriers for many people. With such an original gift, you can not only please your loved ones, but also share your thoughts with those with whom you cannot, for some reason, be near.
Part of the proceeds from the sale of each T-shirt will go to the development of a community of creative people - the Lviv Art Cluster. Often, it was art that helped to survive many hardships, but in the conditions of the pandemic, many suffered and art objects were practically not bought.
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